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Ariel Photography & Videography

Sometimes, a photo shoot needs a little lift. We are proud to offer Aerial Photography and Videography services to our clients. Whether it’s capturing that cinematic, professional looking Wedding Video or Ariel views of your land or property and anything in between, we can help.

Our Equipment

RJ’s Photography use DJI Drone equipment for all Ariel applications. Our Equipment can capture excellent Images and super-smooth Video, here are some of the top features:

  • High Quality 2.7K Video – better than 1080P HD Resolution and almost 4K
  • High Image Quality – each image is 12MP, however images can be stitched together to make an image 100’s MP large.
  • Range of up to 120 Meters in any direction
  • Quiet – one of the quietest Drones on the market means less disturbance from neighbours, passes by and the public
  • Small – Small enough to operate in areas larger drones cannot fly.

Why trust Us with your Ariel Photography / Videography needs?


Safety is always of the greatest importance to us when conducting Ariel operations. All flights are backed by a rigorous risk assessment and flight plan

Fully Insured for piece of mind.

Fully Licenced Professional:

Fully Licenced to A2 Certificate of Competency Standards with the Civil Aviation Authority. With RJ’s Photography Adventures a trained Pilot with industry recognized qualifications is standard.


Prices start from as little as £100 for a 2-hour Session, however as every client’s needs differ please contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote. Or hop over to our Packages section for some excellent pre-built packages to suit a wide variety of needs.

Prices Start from as little as £100 for a 2-hour session.

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