Photography Trip -Part 2

Photography Trip -Part 2

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In the second half of our road trip, we stopped off in the Surrey Hills to take in the amazing scenery that this part of England has to offer.

Winkworth Arboretum

Our first stop was Winkworth Arboretum, a National Trust must-see in the area. Winkworth is home to over 1000 different species of Tree grown in a 95 Acre woodland. A number of walking trails snake their way over, around and through this beautiful and ever-changing landscape.

We really enjoyed our visit to Winkworth, the natural backdrop provided the perfect location to capture some amazing photos!

Winkworth Aboretum Boathouse

We took the mid-length trail which transports you through beautiful woodland the trail mottled with sunlight breaking through the Green canopy, and down the winding slopes leading to the Boat house and beautiful lake teeming with wildlife. On the day we visited, the weather was favourable providing blue skies and cotton-wool clouds in the sky.

Next the path slopes back up the other side of the hill and it is here a truly amazing view can be appreciated. Looking back along the path you’ve just trodden, the Boat house stands proud in the distance and a Carnival of colour surrounds this rustic centrepiece.

Winkworth Aboretum – “A Carnival of Colour”

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Box Hill & Stepping Stones Walk

Box Hill is the perfect place to discover a family walk and explore the Surrey Hills. Forming part of the North Downs, Box Hill has views across the surrounding countryside. It’s home to lots of wildlife and plants too, including the Adonis blue butterfly and bee orchid.

Box Hill and Stepping Stones walk was one of the longer and more energetic activities on our trip – we spent most of the day here hiking through the woodland, over the stepping stones and up the many, many steps to the top! The view, was epic providing miles and miles of landscape to enjoy all around.

We enjoyed an Ice cream and a well deserved rest at the top, before beginning the long decent.

The Stepping Stones Walk (part of the Box hill walking route) were another point of interest along the route and provided enjoyment to the many families that had visited. Unfortunately, it was two crowded to photograph, but our imaginations were running wild, creating the images we could of shot, albeit only in our minds!

Stock image of Stepping Stones Walk. Credit: Johan

Have you seen our Ariel Video Footage from our trip?

We enjoyed our “staycation” tour through 3 of England’s best counties. Throughout the journey we learned to adapt to the ever-changing landscape – having to quickly tune camera settings accordingly.

The diversity and breadth of the landscape is amazing, at times it felt like we were deep in the countryside whilst always being a short drive from a local country pub!

Stay tuned for more of our Photography Antics!

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